Want to Know Why Students Are Disrespectful in School? Let’s Listen to a Student. –

This editorial is interesting because it unintentionally highlights the problem with education by pointing a finger at the teachers while four other fingers are pointed back at the author. The faulty argument is that schools should be more “democratic” in letting students run them by revising policies and curriculum that are unpleasant to students.  

Democracy does not mean that each and every law in society should be indefinitely under question whenever some find it unfavorable. Should we allow a union of thieves to to have a substantial platform to gum up our legal system because they find laws against stealing repugnant? No. We don’t need to rethink every policy on each person’s whim. 

School policies are,  for the most part,  heavily research-based and fit the needs of the school. Sorry to break it to you, kid,  but democracy does not mean you get what you want. Democracy is a responsibility. If you know the policy is to write and carry a clearly written hall pass in the hallway,  then take the time (1.2 seconds extra) to do it right. If you don’t take the time to do it right then that teacher is correct in stopping you. Either your handwriting is sloppy which needs correction from a teacher, your attitude is sloppy which needs correction from a teacher, or you are trying to pull one over on a teacher which needs correction. Do it right, kid. A cop is not going to let me slide when the address is wrong on my license or my insurance is expired by a week. He should stop me,  and I should take responsibility for that, not whine about the law. I wouldn’t get a lawyer and challenge those laws because they are unfair to me. I need to just do the right thing. 

Also,  its not a school’s job to be not boring. Sorry you have to read stuff you don’t find interesting. Sorry you have to sit through long classes that arent interesting. Sorry life is 80% daily grind and not that interesting. Sorry that providing for yourself and your family is more like digging a ditch than watching Netflix. Sorry that getting things you want in life takes a lot of repetitive, mind-numbing stick-to-it-iveness rather than taking a few hours in a video game to unlock gold trophies. 

You don’t have a school problem, kid. You have a real life problem. Your teachers have probably been trying to drill that into your head for years but you don’t believe them. Good luck. 


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